Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Poetry Project I

you will need:

poetic skill (optional)

1) Go to this web site and click on the word "English," under the "Word Generator 1.2" heading.

2) A new page will be generated, at the center of which will be a 6 x 10 array of "words." Select six of these. (If there are not six adequate words on this page, refreshing the page will generate a new set of 60 words, which you may select from as well. Repeat until you have six.)

For best results, your words should be pronounceable and not already in use as an English word.

3) Use these six words as the end words of a sestina. Your line length and meter is up to you; however, extra credit will be given for sestinas in iambic pentameter.

HINT: Some students will find it easier to begin if they invent definitions for the words before beginning.

4) You will be asked to write your words on the blackboard, and then read your sestina in front of the class. The other students will be asked to guess at the meaning of your six words, and you will be graded according to the accuracy of their guesses regarding your words (60% of grade) and the accuracy of your guesses about their words.

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