Friday, June 10, 2005

Future of the United States Pop Quiz I

1. Silicon Valley, California : 1987 : : ________ : 2030

a. Casper, Wyoming
b. Salt Lake City, Utah
c. Hattiesburg, Mississippi
d. Research Triangle, North Carolina

2. The end point for the collapse of church-state separation in the United States (by 2035) will be:

a. Sunday shopping and working still permitted
b. contraception allowed for married couples
c. divorce still possible in cases of infidelity
d. mandatory child-bearing or adoption for all married couples

3. The most valuable thing (as determined by its value in trade) to own in the U.S. in the year 2045 will be:

a. a Bible
b. a beer
c. a gun
d. a ten-day course of antibiotics

4. Reproductive cloning will first be achieved in _______, but will never be widespread because of the attendant __________.

a. 2006, expense
b. 2015, legal risk
c. 2019, health problems of the clones so made
d. [will never be achieved], [impossibility of the process]

5. By 2027, ________ will be the new crude oil.

a. hydrogen
b. drinkable water
c. sunscreen
d. gold

6. The current Iraq war will end in _________, amid ___________.

a. March 2007, George Bush's impeachment hearings
b. December 2018, the collapse of the global economy
c. November 2005, huge demonstrations protesting the draft
d. February 2010, catastrophic nuclear assault on the U.S. by North Korea

7. AIDS : 1980 : : ________ : 2030

a. the Ebola virus
b. smallpox
c. multidrug resistant tuberculosis
d. influenza

8. In 2021, it will be illegal to teach evolution in ______ U.S. state(s).

a. one
b. three
c. fourteen
d. twenty-nine

9. The point of the United States' greatest consumerist excess will be realized in the year _____ by the ______.

a. 2006, self-tearing toilet paper roll
b. 2008, portable microwave oven
c. 2009, 'MegaHumvee' sport-utility-assault vehicle
d. 2011, personal x-ray machine (with optional CAT scanner attachment)

10. You personally, going into the decades of the 2020s and 2030s, are most going to miss:

a. infections that can be cleared up with a course of antibiotics
b. drinkable water
c. electricity
d. food-transportation infrastructure

My answers in comments. Yours may vary. Grades will be assigned in 2045. Each question is worth ten points.

1 comment:

Jessi Guilford said...

My answers:

1. A; Casper, WY.
2. A; Sunday shopping and working permitted.
3. C; a gun.
4. D; 2019 / health problems
5. B; drinkable water
6. D; 02/10, No. Korean nuclear assault
7. C; MDR tuberculosis
8. C; fourteen (my guess: KS, OK, AL, MS, GA, UT, LA, VA, SC, ID, NE, WY, TX, KY)
9. B; portable microwave
10. B; drinkable water