Saturday, August 06, 2005

Telecommunications Project I

You will need:

pen and paper, or a computer
reference book, or website, listing popular television shows with summaries of the series premises (optional)

1. Generate a list of television shows, either from memory or from a reference.
2. Combine series premises to as to generate a new premise, and write down the new show pitch. (Examples below.) Ideally your pitch should combine a drama and a comedy.
3. Repeat at least ten times and turn in your pitches.
4. Write a pilot episode for your premise.


"The Facts of Life" + "Renegade:" An elderly girls' school matron and four of her orphaned charges go on a cross-country motorcycle ride to clear her of a murder she did not commit.

"The Dukes of Hazzard" + "Mr. Belvedere:" A stuffy British housekeeper joins an extended redneck family in Georgia, where the whole group takes on a set of corrupt county officials.

"Designing Women" + "MacGyver:" Four spunky Southern belles who do interior design work for a shadowy quasi-government organization escape from their frequent jams using applied science. And they also have an African-American friend!

"Wonder Woman" + "Friends:" Six powerful Amazons with superpowers and invisible jets fight crime when not sleeping with one another or drinking coffee.

"Party of Five" + "Newhart:" A family of five orphans takes on the daunting task of running a small Vermont inn and trying to fit in with the quirky townspeople.

"Roseanne" + "Knight Rider:" An earthy working mother / housewife / "domestic goddess" fights crime with the assistance of a talking car.

"Perfect Strangers" + "Beastmaster:" Two cousins, one American and one foreign-born, use their special ability to communicate with animals to fight corruption, monsters, and assorted bad people.

"Will and Grace" + "X-Files:" A gay man and his Jewish platonic female friend investigate government cover-ups of alien encounters with the aid of an irrepressible gay entertainer and a drunken heiress.

"CHiPs" + "Xena: Warrior Princess:" Lucy Lawless stars in this drama about motorcycle cops in ancient Greece.

"The Brady Bunch" + "Deep Space Nine:" Two single parents with three children each fall in love and create a brand new, huge family next to a giant wormhole to another part of the galaxy. And some of the kids are Cardassians!


stan said...

What would you call "Roseanne" + "Knight Rider"? Because that would be a good show.

"Racecar Housewife" is not a good title. I guess it would just have to be given the main character's name. But what name?

Jessi Guilford said...

I think the "Wonder Woman" / "Friends" hybrid would be a better show, but whatever.

"Roseanne" / "Knight Rider:" I agree that the name of the lead would have to be the name of the show. Probably a first and last name, though. Or something with a "P.I." at the end. ("Joanne Steele, P.I.")

Samantha Moss said...

"Racecar Housewife" *is* a good title, but only for an unreleased David Byrne song.