Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Future of the United States Pop Quiz III

1. Increasing climatic changes due to global warming will lead to a paradoxical cooldown in _____________ by the year 2040.

a. The Western Great Lakes (MI, OH, IN, WI)
b. The Upper Mississippi Valley (ND, MN, IA, WI)
c. The Pacific Northwest (WA, ID, OR, CA)
d. The Southeast (FL, GA, SC, AL, TN)

2. What region of the country will be decimated in the year 2032 by a new and specifically North American strain of West Nile virus?

a. The Desert Southwest (CA, AZ, NV, NM)
b. The Upper Mississippi Valley (ND, MN, IA, WI)
c. The Pacific Northwest (WA, ID, OR, CA)
d. The Southeast (FL, GA, SC, AL, TN)

3. In the fashion world of the year 2019, _______________ will be the new black.

a. silver
b. bioluminescence
c. carbohydrates
d. black

4. What is the official cause of death on Madonna's death certificate, in 2030?

a. asphyxiation
b. heart attack
c. extraterrestrial parasite
d. antibiotic-resistant staph infection

5. The long-anticipated Big One (earthquake) hits the San Francisco Bay Area in which year?

a. 2008
b. 2016
c. 2020
d. 2028

6. What is the male-to-female ratio of the crew on the first interstellar spaceship, and in what year is it launched?

a. 50/50; 2049
b. 67/33; 2019
c. 0/100; 2032
d. 25/75; 2078

7. What is notable about an American citizen who turns 80 in the year 2069?

a. S/he has reached retirement age.
b. S/he is eligible to receive cybernetic replacement body parts.
c. S/he has become the world's oldest living human being.
d. S/he is legally permitted to create a clone of him-/rself.

8. Which of these is nearest to the price of a barrel of crude oil in the year 2030, in 2006 dollars?

a. $95.00
b. $170.00
c. $638.00
d. $2,370.00

9. Which two states are no longer part of the U.S. as of the year 2041?

a. Hawaii and Vermont
b. Utah and Texas
c. Hawaii and Utah
d. South Dakota and Vermont

10. What genetically engineered animal escapes laboratory confinement in 2020 and becomes a common crop pest, destroying up to 30% of the corn, soybeans, and wheat grown in the U.S., and which company developed it originally?

a. The Giant Chicken (Gallus gallus megalodon); Archer Daniels Midland
b. The Betabug (Adalia hartii x betaluminius); GlaxoSmithKline
c. The Nemonsantode (Caenorhabditis monsantulus); Monsanto
d. The Cancer Mouse (Mus transgenicus carcinophorus); Genentech

My answers are located in the comments.